"We place dentistry practices on a solid foundation. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job."

Jen Butler, CEO, MEd, Master Certified Executive Business
Coach Specializing in Dental Practices

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Enjoy your career again with business consulting and coaching

for dental practices

Has the fun gone out of owning and running a dental practice? Are you are frustrated with managing the team and stymied with stagnant revenues? Has the stress affected your family relationships and enjoyment of life? Qualified, compassionate help is a phone call away! Jen Butler, an expert in business consulting and coaching for dental practices, brings a fresh perspective and more than 25 years of experience to practice consulting. She helps dentists across the US and Canada get back to enjoying their work – and the financial and lifestyle benefits of success.

Improved revenue flow

You can’t work your way out of revenue problems with extra hours, borrowed capital, or a jumble of management techniques. JB Partners provides a cohesive, comprehensive approach to communication, relationship building, value proposition, and patient management . . . with proven results.

Stress reduction

Dentists are often accidental business owners, taking on the stress of responsibility for everything related to the office, as well as patient care. We help you break that cycle with self-discovery, work-life integration skills, and team empowerment.

Leadership (not micromanagement)

Learn from a capable coach and consultant, how to be a capable coach to your team. When others develop confidence in your leadership ability, you create a relaxed, productive office environment with full trust in your staff. You will find support from your team, from hiring to efficient workflows and meeting expectations.

It isn’t easy to ask for help, especially when you are the one others look up to. It is time to be honest with yourself, though, if you are struggling with the challenges of running a practice. Financial problems, dysfunctional staff, family dynamics, and feelings of isolation can be some of the most significant challenges you will ever face. You don’t have to face them alone. Jen Butler and her team are here to help, with the tools, training, and support that can turn your practice around and have you looking forward to going into the office.

Let’s get your stressed practice back on track or bring an even higher level of productivity to your already successful operation. Call JB Partners at – experienced business consulting and coaching for dental practices.

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