3 Steps to Stress Management

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Drowning Out Bad Reviews and Getting the 5-Stars

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3 Massive Mistakes Dentists Make Keeping Them Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Dreading Mondays

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Improve your Personal Productivity

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What you need to know about office drama

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Experienced consultant says leadership coaching must recognize the character of your practice

The business of dentistry has changed. Thirty years ago, a dentist could operate profitably, accepting insurance or practicing on a fee for service basis. Emphasis on refining day-to-day methods was not an issue when overhead was lower, and income was higher. Today’s dentist faces increasing competition from a corporate business model, a narrowed profit [...]

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Countdown-10 essential tips to growing your dental practice

Article originally posted on There is a difference between growing a practice and making it profitable. This distinction is important because when you’re creating a strategic plan, the stepping stones you use to generate profitability can vary from those used to stimulate growth. The following 10 tips are absolutely [...]

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What if everyday was like today? Would you be content and happy?

Article originally posted on “Groundhog Day,” an American movie classic from 1993, is a story of television weatherman Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) who gets caught in a time loop while covering the Punxsutawney Phil groundhog event. In the movie, Connors awakes to discover he is reliving the [...]

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How do you handle patients with blood pressure issues?

We all know how important a normal blood pressure is to an individual’s overall health.  Yet, even as dental health professionals we forget the role we play in making sure that our patients are aware of their blood pressure numbers and are taking the necessary steps to maintain a normal [...]

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